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An open source alternative to MATLAB?

logoI do not consider myself am MATLAB advance user but I have to admit that without it during my PhD studies, I would have never finished my studies. Moreover using MATLAB is fun!, although many people for sure will say I am crazy!

MATLAB offers you a great powerful programming environment for not programmers including several toolboxes for any programming task that you can imagine. In my case, I never take advantage of those toolboxes but I used the software to do  analytical modelling, including superposition as well as modular optimisation tasks.

However, I took its maximum for data pre- and postprocessing coupled to external hydrogeoloy modelling software (e.g. MODFLOW and MT3DMS). Due to the straightforward variable declaration and manipulation, I did not have to invest to much time for this tasks.

Of course MATLAB is a commercial software and it cost money.

I my current work, I do not need all capabilities of MATLAB any longer, however, since I got used to handle, visualise and organise my data using MATLAB, I still wanted to get advantage of such a programming environment.

Short time ago I got to know OCTAVE, an open source alternative to MATLAB. Octave offers what basic and intermediate users may need, all capabilities of MATLAB and almost fully compatibility with your m codes. It is not MATLAB and it is not deemed to be, but it is a great alternative.

Therefore, I would like to raise the attention to people out there looking for something similar to MATLAB without spending a single penny. Of course you can always donate something to the guys doing such a great job: developing and maintaining Octave.

You will never regret trying Octave…

Till next time and enjoy Octave as much as I do.